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As leading environmental test chamber manufacturers and suppliers in India, we specialize in delivering high-quality solutions for various testing needs. Our extensive range of products is designed to meet the stringent requirements of different industries, ensuring reliable and accurate performance under diverse conditions. As a trusted environmental chamber supplier, we are committed to providing advanced and innovative testing equipment that supports the rigorous demands of research and development. With our expertise as environmental test chamber manufacturers, we offer unparalleled quality and precision, making us the preferred choice for clients seeking top-notch environmental testing solutions. If you are searching for best environmental chamber manufacturers in India, then you can simply consult with us.


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Our range of environmental test chambers and systems includes advanced test systems for precise environmental testing. Designed to meet diverse industry needs, our environmental test chambers ensure reliable performance and accurate results under various conditions.

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Our primary aim is to make a significant technical contribution towards enhancing the quality and safety of your products. At the heart of our mission lies our core business: designing & manufacturing cutting-edge environmental simulation chambers to facilitate rigorous laboratory and research endeavors. However, our commitment extends far beyond this sphere.


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An environmental test chamber is a real-life environment or climate simulator around materials to evaluate their reaction to the real-world atmosphere and measure their resistance against extreme weathering conditions. The instrument evaluates the material under the parameters:

  • Humidity
  • Temperature variations
  • Altitude
  • Uv rays & lights

The environmental chamber is available in variable sizes and with variable functions to assess & evaluate different kinds of samples like batteries, metals, and various other materials under extreme conditions. The price of the instrument differs accordingly, however it can vary from 5 lacs to 70 lacs INR.

To get your hands on the top-most quality environmental test chamber, it is highly important to reach out to trusted manufacturers as well as trusted suppliers only to avoid the scope of duplicity and false buying. Before you get your hands on the instrument, make sure that the specifications comply with the guidelines of standards and easily differentiate between the genuine and duplicate environmental chambers.

Presto Technologies is the fastest-growing lab testing instrument provider which enhances the scope of accuracy and assures quality at every step of testing. Get 100% quality assurance and standard compliance with the Presto lab testing instrument and enjoy seamless after-sales services.

The environmental chamber is available in different sizes and also accommodates customizations as per the requirements of the customers on our website. To get a of the environmental chamber price, please reach out to us at +91-977-3666-011 or e-mail us at response@prestoenviro.com.

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The purge feature of salt spray chamber is really awesome and the pneumatic opening system is a life saver. 5 stars from my side for their constant efforts of designing accurate testing instruments.

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Tarun Nehra

Tarun Nehra

Recently I bought a salt spray chamber at 30% less price as compared to Presto. But that testing instrument won't last for more than 4 months. Then I consulted Presto and had to buy new one from them. Now, I fully understood the true meaning of quality over price. Thanks, Presto for your commendable support.

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TDK India Pvt Ltd

TDK India Pvt Ltd

Presto Salt Spray served us well for more than 7 years now, it is an invaluable asset for our auto parts manufacturing firm. High quality product with advanced features. Glad to have Presto over other brands.

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