Hot Air Oven

The Hot Air Oven is a specialized testing cabinet crafted to identify alterations in the physical attributes of materials and determine the operational life span of testing devices under elevated temperatures.
It operates on the principles of forced air circulation and thermal convection, making it suitable for conducting tests such as heat deformation, compression set, and heat resistance, commonly needed in the rubber and plastic industries.

This laboratory testing instrument will be used to test different materials including rubber, paper, textiles, yarn, and others. For inquiries regarding the hot air oven price, please feel free to contact our team of experts.

Technical Specifications

  • Double-walled chamber; inside body fabricated using heavy-duty stainless steel

  • Outer body – Mild Steel neatly powder

  • Insulation between the double walls is provided by imported mineral glass wool

  • Microprocessor based Programmable Digital temperature controller cum indicator

  • Special T/P action ensures that temperature does not overshoot requirement

  • Temperature control through PT-100 sensor

  • Highly accurate test results under uniform temperatures in the chamber

  • Maximum Thermal Efciency by insulation means.



455mm x 455mm x 455mm (18”x 18”x 18”)


LED (Digital)


± 2oC

Least Count / Resolution



 15A, 220V, Single phase, 50 Hz

Timer Range

Up to 999 hrs (available optionally when timer provided)

Temperature Range

 Up to 250oC

No. of Shelves

2 (Adjustable)

  • Inlet Blower: 1 Nos.

  • Over Temperature alarm: Yes

  • Alarm Mute facility: Yes

  • Inbuilt Soak Timer Yes

  • Data logging: Real-time date: time: chamber temperature

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