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The remarkable capabilities of PRESTO simulation chambers stem not only from the innovative technology we use, but also from the top-notch services we offer. Our global customers have access to essential services such as - unit maintenance, calibration, qualification, and timely fulfilment of spare parts requests. Our products are a culmination of German inspired technology amalgamated with international quality standards.


Regular maintenance checks are a crucial aspect of ensuring optimal performance of system. Each check involves a thorough examination of mechanical, electrical, and electronic components, including both visual and functional tests. If any components show signs of wear or malfunction, they are promptly replaced.

The details of the maintenance work are meticulously documented in our maintenance plan. Additionally, our technicians verify whether the actual temperature in the chamber aligns with the target temperature set on the controller, staying within permissible limits. To maintain peak performance, PRESTO recommends an annual maintenance check for all units.



Calibration is a meticulous process where our technicians assess and readjust unit settings, such as temperature, relative humidity, CO2, O 2, pressure the chamber to be in a regulated state. Once calibration is complete, we furnish you with a calibration certificate that adheres to the NABL guidelines. The flexibility to vary the number of measuring points according to your preferences is also available.


Our installation service encompasses the unpacking and setup of the unit.

It includes connecting the unit to the power supply and other necessary media like water, sewage, and gas. Post-installation, our technicians conduct a comprehensive function test to ensure everything is operating smoothly.



Ensuring consistent product quality and test process reproducibility is paramount for laboratories and production facilities following GMP or GLP requirements.

The obligation to provide supporting evidence necessitates a meticulous record of numerous unit tests. PRESTO is committed to easing the burden of qualifying and validating units, significantly reducing the workload associated with these processes. We stand ready to assist in maintaining the highest standards in quality and compliance.

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