Salt Spray Chamber

The Salt Spray Chamber is a widely used testing machine used for determining the corrosion resistance of the tested sample in a salt-laden environment.

However, it is very important to understand and evaluate the effects of a corrosive environment on the sample, and to create such a corrosive environment around the sample, salt spray chambers are the finest lab testing instruments.

They help in assessing the capabilities of the sample to withstand corrosion & rusting when exposed to extreme climatic conditions.

The Salt Spray Chamber replicates a variable mix of environmental conditions and is adjustable from an ambient setting to +40 degrees Celsius. This testing machine offers an HMI-based touchscreen that enables temperature-controlling through PID with extreme ease and minimal hassle.

The machinery is equipped with state-of-the-art technology in all 4 major parts of the machine i.e. the inner chamber, the reservoir tank, the air pressure tank, and the electrical chamber. The manufacturing of the machinery with a triple chamber including glass wool and FRP material makes the machine the most advanced lab testing instrument.

Technical Specifications

  • Ensure precise temperature control with a corrosion-resistant PT-100 sensor.

  • Effortlessly navigate program profiles and adjust test parameters via the intuitive touchscreen display.

  • Enjoy user-friendly access and streamlined data management capabilities.

  • Experience superior insulation with a triple-walled body reinforced with fiber, minimizing heat loss.

  • Easily place samples within the test chamber using clearly defined methods.

  • For the 250 Ltr. model, benefit from a pneumatically operated canopy for added convenience.

  • Ensure clarity post-test with an air purge system designed to settle fog before opening the chamber.

  • A reservoir tank with a sponge filter is installed inside for the salt solution.

  • Retrieve test data effortlessly with the USB option.


HMI Touchscreen Display

Effortlessly navigate operations and monitor performance

Chamber Temperature Range

Ambient to 40°C

Test Chamber Temperature Stability

35°C ± 2°C

Power Requirement

220V, single phase, 50 Hz, 15 A

pH Adjustment Range

 6.5 to 7.2 pH

Elapsed Time Tracking

Inbuilt 6-digit timer (Hour meter)

Test Air Pressure Range

0.7Kg/cm2 to 1.2Kg/cm2

  • Widely used for assessing the sample's resistance to corrosion and rusting in salt-laden environments, simulating extreme climatic conditions.

  • Replicates a variable mix of environmental conditions, adjustable from ambient to +40 degrees Celsius.

  • Precise temperature control facilitated by a corrosion-resistant PT-100 sensor and HMI-based touchscreen with

    PID control.

  • Equipped with advanced technology in all major parts, including the inner chamber, reservoir tank, air

    pressure tank, and electrical chamber.

  • Triple-chamber design, incorporating glass wool and FRP material, ensuring superior insulation and durability.

  • Intuitive touchscreen display for easy navigation of program proles and adjustment of test parameters, with

    streamlined data management capabilities.

  • Clearly defined methods for easy placement of samples within the test chamber.

  • Pneumatically operated canopy for added convenience in the 250 Ltr. model, and an air purge system to

    settle fog before opening the chamber for clarity post-test.

  • Includes a reservoir tank with a sponge filter for the salt solution, ensuring consistent and reliable testing


  • Effortless retrieval of test data with the USB option, facilitating convenient analysis and documentation.

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