Drop Tester Pneumatic

The Drop Tester is a precisely designed lab testing instrument that enables an operator to determine the strength of the corrugated boxes to withstand free-falling drops from different heights. This lab testing instrument simulates the real-life events a corrugated box faces while in storage or transit to ensure that the manufacturing of the box is firm enough that the items kept inside are safeguarded from free falls.

The pneumatic application of the instrument encourages single-handed operations and also reduces human effort, thus reducing the chances of human error to a great extent. The instrument also offers a remote- controlled mechanism along with its pneumatic application.

A drop tester is an extremely vital lab testing instrument for manufacturers or industries relating to/using corrugated boxes.

Technical Specifications

  • Top edge holding device with adjustable height as per the test requirement

  • It has a Havel grey and blue combination with zinc chromium coating for corrosion resistance.

  • Body is made up of mild steel for increased shelf life

  • It has twin flaps as a dropping platform.


Testing Drop Height

Min - 380mm, Max - 1800mm

Maximum Test Box Dimensions

L 500mm x W 500mm x H 500mm

Maximum Test Box Weight

Up to 60kg

Opening Actuation

Pneumatic cylinder

Least Count


Floor Dimension

1200mm x 900mm

Motorized Lift Speed



220V AC, 5 Amp, Single phase, 50Hz

Compressed Air Requirement*

 Filtered, regulated 5 bar, 5 cfm

Air Compressor

Not included in the supply

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