Global Leader
in Simulation Chambers

PRESTO, a family-owned enterprise, is deeply dedicated to the realm of Simulation Chambers.

Specializing in this domain, we stand as the Global Leader, serving both scientific and industrial laboratories.

In the last four decades we’ve grown and expanded, and we attribute this to our esteemed clients and patrons. So today, we are proud that we flawlessly dispatch over 20, 000 units , every year to various destinations, all across the globe.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, innovative breakthroughs, and unwavering precision have helped us to reach higher echelons. Our core mission revolves around meticulously replicating biological, chemical, and physical environments to cater to diverse industry needs.

Representing our commitment are four pillars of success - symbolizing superior product quality, comprehensive service offerings, ultimate customer care and expert consultations.

It encapsulates our mantra: "Optimal conditions for your triumph."

Thus, the essence of PRESTO embodies excellence!


Unleashing Innovation
Pioneering Laboratory Technology Since 1983


In 1983, Mr. J N Malhotra the visionary behind our company, revolutionized laboratory technology by introducing the Humidity Test Chamber & Salt Spray Corrosion Test Chamber.

Being the First Company in India to Introduce Environmental Simulation chambers Presto has emerged as a beacon of innovation, experiencing remarkable growth and poised for an even brighter future.

Our commitment to remaining an entity who serves its customers with the most reliable solution underscores our dedication to a premium brand strategy. This entails ongoing enhancements to our production capabilities at our headquarters in India, alongside an expansion of our global footprint through intensified sales efforts.

While India remains a cornerstone of our operations,we are actively tapping into burgeoning markets worldwide. Presently, a significant portion of our revenue stems from Europe, a testament to our success in penetrating diverse regions. Moreover, our presence in the American market continues to grow steadily, reflecting our unwavering momentum and adaptability.

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