Battery Test Chambers

The Explosion Proof Battery Test Chamber Manufactured by is a Highly advanced yet stable Simulation test chamber specially designed for Battery Testing. It is a unique test machine which is used for Environmental testing.

Battery Test chamber helps the user in evaluating the performance of a battery pack under extreme weather conditions. This Chamber also helps in analyzing various properties of Battery Pack under extreme condition and measure its reaction under the parameters set by the user.

Since Batteries are highly volatile it is utmost important for any battery test chamber to consist of various safety features like Special Safety locks and fire extinguishing system which is in built with auto detection facility.

Moreover the instrument consists of an intuitive touch screen interface for easy data management and user analysis.

The instrument is highly insulated and has a robust body with leak proof glass wool insulation.

Battery test equipment manufactured by Presto follow all international test standards and are trusted by World’s top most battery pack and EV manufacturers.

Technical Specifications

  • Pure Stainless steel SS304 (1.2mm thickness) manufacturing of the inner chamber
  • High quality Insulation & well-designed Lead Proof Chamber along with seal integrity to ensure 100% Protection.
  • Japanese technology equipped insulation material developed out of polyurethane foam.
  • Highly-precise gas sealing
  • Consists of 4 layers of Tempered glass to ensure Maximum Insulation & See through window to observe the battery perfectly at all times
  • Consists of 100mm Diameter Cable Port which can resist high and Low Temperatures
  • Simultaneous testing of numerous samples with optimized air flow mechanism
  • In-built LED lamps for easy sample viewing

The chamber consist of an Adopting throttle electronic expansion valve which has a unquiet benefit to the user

  • The user can also adjust the output and value advance and optimize the same under different modes and operating conditions.
  • With the help of the advanced feature of cyclic control feedback of the electronic expansion valve, the front end is a temperature-plus-pressure dual-sensor high-response direct control, which can provide the best evaporator liquid supply, this helps the refrigeration system in achieving a stable and accurate cooling capacity
  • Consists of In built steam humidifying method, automatic water circulation loop, and automatic water refilling facility to enhance user experience
  • The system of heating up, heating down, dehumidifying, and humidifying can be operated independently to provide user ease and ensure stability
  • Enhanced Door seal adopts silicone rubber material which can avoid aging and hardening in high and low temperature conditions.
  • Multiple safety Features also consist of
    • Leakage and outage protection
    • Compressor overpressure protection
    • Overload fusing protection.
    • Audio signal alarm.
  • HMI based Intuitive Touch screen interface with Programmable software.
  • Online Graphical Report Generation
  • Rapid Ethernet Connectivity for fast result transmission
  • Quick data transmission with USB Port Facility
  • In built Alarm Notification system with Auto Tuning Facility
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Protocol
  • Password protection facility
  • Interchangeable Languages – English & Hindi
  • Easy Setup of User Profile for Automated report generation
  • Programmable with Multiple Cyclic conditioning
  • Pass/Fail Report Criteria in System Generated Report
  • Viewable Fault History/ Past Reports
  • Email Notification Facility for user ease
  • Remote Monitoring facility for easy data Management
  • In built LED light Control System
  • Option available to set PV and SV value
  • Knox system integrated for data security
  • Assessing CO, H2, O2, and temperature inside the testing ara
  • On screen graphical representation of run time vs temperature

Test chamber equipped with MP10 module which consists of multiple safety functions like:

  • Motor over-heating protection (with LED indicator)- To ensure Safety of Motor which controls the entire operating System.
  • Exhaust temperature over-heating protection- This safety Facility is able to monitor any overheating.
  • Enhanced Door Locking with Reinforced brackets are available outside the door of the machine to make sure safety and security in case of any unexpected explosion.
  • In built Power Indicator to provide live reading of Power
  • Seven-point alarm function which consists of multiple alarms which provide the user with live notification of any faults in the Chamber.
  • Explosion Proof Design: Ergonomic design ensures that the chamber is leak proof and Explosion proof in case of any uncertain events.
  • Remote Monitoring Alarm System: User shall receive all notifications regarding any fluctuation in parameters or settings to ensure immediate rectifications.
  • Emergency Shutdown Mechanism: Manual/ Automatic Shutdown mechanism
  • Insulation: Insulating materials and coatings to prevent electrical contact and reduce the risk of electric shock.
  • CO2 fire suppression system - Inbuilt Fire Extinguisher system with automation to prevent from damage.
  • Secure locking system as per Standard to ensure Zero Leakage
  • Micro Safe Gas Detection system
  • Smoke Monitoring Device for quick detection
  • Compressors equipped with world famous brand equipped in Battery Test chamber to ensure Precision and accuracy.

  • Shock Absorbers and Noise Cancellation system to minimize vibration and ensure protection of compressor

  • With Advanced bending process, the chamber can minimize the connector point and make refrigerant flow

    more effciently.

TemperatureTemperature control range-70℃~180℃ (A:0℃~180℃ ;B:-20℃~180℃;C:-40℃~180℃ ;D:-70℃~180℃)
Temperature fluctuation± 0.5℃
Cooling rate180.0℃~25.0℃ Cooling rate 2.0~3.0℃/min 25.0℃~-40.0℃ Cooling rate 1.0~2.0℃/min -40.0℃~-70.0℃ Cooling rate0.7~1.5℃/min
Heating rate-70.0℃~180.0℃ Within 60 mins 3.0~5.0℃/min
Temperature uniformity± 1.5℃ (-40.0℃~100.0℃)
± 2.0℃ (100.1℃~180.0℃or-40.0℃~-70.0℃)
HumidityHumidity control range20.0%RH~98.0%RH
Humidity fluctuation± 1.0% RH
Humidity uniformity± 2.0%RH
Material / componentsInternal materialAdopts 1.2mm thickness stainless steel(SUS304)
External materialAdopts 1.2mm thickness Cold rolled steel sheet / powder spraying
Heat insulating material100mm thickness polyurethane plate+10mm thickness mineral wool
FanCentrifugal blower
CompressorSemi-closed Germany Bock, Germany Bitzer
CondenserAir cooling, water cooling
RefrigerantR404A, R23, R508
EvaporatorFin - and - Tube Heat Exchanger
HeaterNickel chromium alloy heating wire
HumidifierSteam humidifier
OptionsStandard configuration2 100MM pressure relief port, 4 explosion-proof chains
Multipoint temperature monitorAdopts Presto developed controller, which can be used to acquire surface temperature points of multiple products
C02 fire extinguisherAutomatic fire extinguishing and automatic shutdown of the machine to protect the equipment from burning
C0, H2 gas detectorWhen the battery will produce gas, it will detect gas solubility and discharge to outdoor when it exceeds the standard
Exhaust valveWhen the test sample produces harmful gas, ventilate and exhaust internally
SizeInterior size(mm) W*H*D500*500*400500*600*500500*750*600800*850*6001000*1000*8001000*1000*10001200*1000*1250
Outer size(mm) W*H*D700*1680*1180700*1720*1275700*1930*12901000*2050*14001200*2100*15901200*100*17801400*2100*2030
Volume (m³ )80L150L225L408L800L1000L1500L
Operating ambient temperature+5 ~ 35℃
Power supply220V AC 50/60Hz 22A220V AC 50/60Hz 31A220V AC 50/60Hz 33A380V AC 50/60Hz 17A380V AC 50/60Hz 25A380V AC 50/60Hz 27A380V AC 50/60Hz 50A
ControllerAdopting Presto self-developed controller, it can test the surface temperature of the sample with multiple temperature sensors.


Awesome battery test chamber! Reliable, accurate, and easy to use. Highly recommend!

DK Singh


Pooja Kardam


Battery test chambers are lab testing instruments designed to evaluate the charging & discharging capabilities of a battery under extreme climate simulations within enclosed walls. These climatic simulations vary intensely in terms of humidity & temperature.

The battery test equipment is constructed with an enclosed chamber that ensures 100% simulation of the extremely dynamic & intense atmosphere around the batteries to ensure their charging & discharging abilities under a certain controlled climate.

The price also differs upon the customizations in the specifications of the instrument. However, the price range may vary from 5 lacs INR to 70 Lacs INR. The battery test chamber is available in different sizes as well as variable features & specifications to comply with different standards & requirements of the customer. Therefore, the price of the battery test chamber varies from variant to variant. 

Before you get your hands on the battery test chambers, you must identify that these chambers are manufactured in compliance with designated standards which are:  

  • IEC 62133
  • IEC 62133-2

If you are searching the best battery test chamber, it's advisable to explore reputable manufacturers and suppliers who specialize in providing high-quality testing equipment. You can start by researching well-known companies in the industry with a proven track record of reliability and customer satisfaction. Additionally, consider factors such as certifications, customer reviews, and warranty options when evaluating potential suppliers. 

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