Bench Top Humidity Chamber

Bench Top Humidity chamber is a unique innovation that has made conditioning tests quick and very compact. The instrument helps in creating a simulated test environment and provides the user with relevant data.

The humidity chamber provides the user with accurate test results and consists of high-grade humidity and temperature sensors which help in conducting the stability test in an efficient manner.

Since the chamber is compact it requires less power consumption and consists of all the latest technology features as per international standards.

The chamber is a compact instrument that can be placed on a benchtop making it a complete test equipment

Technical Specifications

  • No frosting is observed even if the test is conducted for a longer period of time under extremely low temperature & low humidity parameters.
  • The chamber improves user experience due to the inclusion of an Automatic control system refrigerant which improves user experience.
  • A timer would be provided up to 999 hours for auto cut-off
  • Safety features would be incorporated to ensure that the temperature does not rise beyond parameters set by the user
  • Touch screen HMI Display of parameters with data logging available.
  • Compact size with castor wheels to move the chamber in the laboratory
  • Thick Tempered glass to ensure zero leakages and maximum thermal insulation
  • Multiple samples can be placed inside the chamber with the help of Stainless steel Trays & Racks
  • Inside Material of Construction: Corrosion Resistant Stainless steel (SS) Material
  • Blower Fans to ensure 360 degree rotation of Temperature & Humidity
  • Branded Sensors to ensure highest level of Accuracy and Precision
  • Japanese Technology Insulation material is made of polyurethane foam.
  • In-built Advanced Safety Control System
  • In-built LED light to ensure easy sample viewing

Humidity Conditioning Chamber – Benchtop

  TemperatureTemperature range-40℃~150℃
Temperature fluctuation±0.5℃
  Cooling rate150.0℃~25.0℃ Cooling rate 2.0~3.0℃/min 25.0℃~-40.0℃ Cooling rate 1.0~2.0℃/min -40.0℃~60.0℃ Cooling rate0.7~1.5℃/min
Heating rate-40.0℃~150.0℃ Within about 60 minutes 3.0~5.0℃/min
  Temperature uniformity±1.0℃ (-40.0℃~100.0℃)
±1.5℃ (100.1℃~150.0℃)
  HumidityHumidity  range20.0%RH~95.0%RH
Humidity fluctuation±1.0% RH
Humidity  uniformity±2.0%RH
  MaterialInternal materialSUS304 stainless steel(1.2mm)
External materialcold-rolled plate(1.2mm),powder coating
Heat insulationpoly urethane foam(100mm)+glass wool (10mm)
FanCentrifugal fan(Impeller Fan)
Cooling modeair cooling
RefrigerantR404A, R23, R508
Evaporatorfinned-tube exchanger
Heaternickel chrome strip heater
HumidifierSteam Humidifier
  SizeInterior(mm)   W*H*D300 X 300 X 250
Exterior(mm) W*H*D480×835×990
Working Temperature+5 ~ 35℃
Power supply220V/AC   50/60Hz 12A
ControllerStandard: Presto
  • Microprocessor-based touch screen for maximum precision
  • Graphical representation of run time vs temperature
  • Data recording with temperature data reading
  • Simply attain extra data due to USB & Pen drive provision
  • PV & SV adjusting
  • Knox system integrated for data security 
  • User settings can be locked by the admin panel and protected by a password
  • User can control PID settings through Advanced setting
  • Inbuilt Alarm system 
  • Interchangeable Languages- Hindi & English
  • Pass/Fail Report Criteria in System Generated Report
  • Viewable Fault History/ Past Reports
  • Email Notification Facility for user ease
  • Remote Monitoring facility for easy data management
  • In-built LED light Control System
  • Option available to set PV and SV value

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