Battery Altitude Chamber

Battery Altitude Chamber is a simulation test chamber which can maintain extreme Pressure and weather conditions for Battery Testing. The chamber can simulate upto 45000 meters of altitude.

The Battery Altitude test chamber is capable to produce Integrated pressure, temperature, and humidity environments. The chamber is also capable to Perform Air Transportation.

The Battery Altitude chamber consists of all safety control parameters and advanced technology touch screen display. The Touch screen display helps the user in generating automated test reports.

The high altitude battery test chamber helps the user in high altitude test simulation. The pressure and temperature, humidity settings can be adjusted by the user.

Being a user-friendly instrument the HMI touch screen makes the operation simpler and faster.

Test standards
Meets international test standards


Technical Specifications

  • Precisely insulated Lead Proof Chamber with seal integrity to assure 100% Protection
  • Insulation material powered with Japanese material, made from polyurethane foam
  • Ensures perfect gas sealing
  • Consists of 4 layers of glass temper to ensure highest insulation & see through window to observe the battery perfectly at all times
  • Consists of 100mm Diameter Cable Port which can resist high and Low Temperatures
  • Multiples samples can be tested simultaneously with optimized air flow mechanism
  • In-built LED lamps for easy & clear sample viewing
  • HMI based Intuitive Touch screen interface with Programmable software.
  • Online Graphical Report Generation
  • Rapid Ethernet Connectivity for fast result transmission
  • Quick data transmission with USB Port Facility
  • In built Alarm Notification system with Auto Tuning Facility
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Protocol
  • Password protection facility
  • Interchangeable Languages – English & Hindi
  • Easy Set up of User Profile for Automated report generation
  • Programmable with Multiple Cyclic conditioning
  • Pass/Fail Report Criteria in System Generated Report
  • Viewable Fault History/ Past Reports
  • Email Notification Facility for user ease
  • Remote Monitoring facility for easy data Management
  • In built LED light Control System
  • Option available to set PV and SV value
  • Knox system integrated for data security 
  • Evaluation of CO, H2, O2, and temperature in the dedicated testing area atmosphere
  • Run time vs temperature graph on screen.
  • Compressors equipped with world famous brand equipped in Battery Test chamber to ensure Precision and accuracy.

  • Shock Absorbers and Noise Cancellation system to minimize vibration and ensure protection of compressor

  • With Advanced bending process, the chamber can minimize the connector point and make refrigerant flow

    more effciently.

Test chamber equipped with MP10 module which consists of multiple safety functions like:

  • Motor over-heating protection (with LED indicator)- To ensure Safety of Motor which controls the entire operating System.
  • Exhaust temperature over-heating protection- This safety Facility is able to monitor any overheating.
  • Enhanced Door Locking with Reinforced brackets are available outside the door of the machine to make sure safety and security in case of any unexpected explosion.
  • In built Power Indicator to provide live reading of Power
  • Seven-point alarm function which consists of multiple alarms which provide the user with live notification of any faults in the Chamber.
  • Explosion Proof Design: Ergonomic design ensures that the chamber is leak proof and Explosion proof in case of any uncertain events.
  • Remote Monitoring Alarm System: User shall receive all notifications regarding any fluctuation in parameters or settings to ensure immediate rectifications.
  • Emergency Shutdown Mechanism: Manual/ Automatic Shutdown mechanism
  • Insulation: Insulating materials and coatings to prevent electrical contact and reduce the risk of electric shock.
  • CO2 fire suppression system- In built Fire Extinguisher system with automation to prevent from damage.
  • Secure locking system as per Standard to ensure Zero Leakage
  • Micro Safe Gas Detection system
  • Smoke Monitoring Device for quick detection

The chamber consists of an Adopting throttle electronic expansion valve which has a unquiet benefit to the user

  •  The user can also adjust the output and value advance and optimize the same under different modes and operating conditions.
  • With the help of the advanced feature of cyclic control feedback of the electronic expansion valve, the front end is a temperature-plus-pressure dual-sensor high-response direct control, which can provide the best evaporator liquid supply, this helps the refrigeration system in achieving a stable and accurate cooling capacity
  • Consists of In built steam humidifying method, automatic water circulation loop, and automatic water refilling facility to enhance user experience           
  • The system of heating up, heating down, dehumidifying, and humidifying can be operated independently to provide user ease and ensure stability
  • Enhanced Door seal adopts silicone rubber material which can avoid aging and hardening in high and low temperature conditions.
  • Multiple safety Features also consist of
    • Leakage and outage protection
    • Compressor overpressure protection
    • Overload fusing protection.
    • Audio signal alarm.
TemperatureTemperature control range-70℃~180℃ (A - 0℃~180℃;  B - 20℃~180℃;C - 40℃~180℃; D - 70℃~180℃)
Temperature fluctuation±0.5℃
Cooling rate180.0℃~-70.0℃  Within 120mins (1.0~2.0℃/min)
Heating rate-70.0℃~180.0℃ Within 100mins  (2.0~3.0℃/min)
Temperature uniformity±1.5℃ (-40.0℃~100.0℃) 
±2.0℃ (100.1℃~180.0℃or-40.0℃~-70.0℃)
PressurePressure rangeNormal pressure~0.5kpa(500pa)
Pressure error±2kpa(>40kpa), ±5%(2kpa~40kpa), ±0.1kpa(<2kpa)
Depressurization time Normal pressure~1kpa,about 30 mins;
Pressure recovery time<10kpa/min
HumidityHumidity control range20.0%RH~98.0%RH(work under atmospheric humidity) 
Humidity fluctuation±2.0% RH
Humidity uniformity±5.0%RH 
Material / Components Internal materialAdopt 2 mm thickness stainless steel plate (SUS304)
External materialAdopt 10mm thickness cold rolled steel plate fully welded / powder sprayed
 Heat insulating material100mm thickness polyurethane plate+10mm thickness mineral wool
FanCentrifugal blower
CondenserAir cooling, water cooling
RefrigerantR404A, R23, R508
EvaporatorFin - and - Tube Heat Exchanger 
HeaterNickel chromium alloy heating wire 
HumidifierSteam humidifier 
SizeInner size(mm)W*H*D550*600*700700*800*9001000*1000*10001400*1200*1200
Outer size(mm)W*H*D2000*1060*19002500*1260*20502720*1460*21303150*1650*2050
Operating ambient temperature+5 ~ 35℃
Power supply380V AC  50/60Hz
ControllerPresto Equipped with RS232 port; (7.0 inch controller) USB data export 


The battery altitude chamber is a crucial and precise lab testing instrument that is used for testing the batteries under extreme weather conditions in order to ensure how these batteries react to variable weather surroundings. It is vital to assess & evaluate the extreme weather resistance of batteries as they are supplied to different parts of the world, showcasing variable atmospheres. 

The battery altitude chamber is an immaculately designed instrument that can perform simulations up to 45000 meters altitude levels. 

The battery altitude chamber has a dedicated testing chamber which is highly insulated to simulate variable weather conditions and assess the reactions of the battery being tested against them. The lab testing instrument is an impeccable equipment that enables the operator to simply perform the testing through the LCD touchscreen associated with the control panel. 

The working of the battery altitude chamber is extremely facile and ergonomic. 

The battery altitude chamber is priced between INR 500,000 to INR 7,000,000, depending on customer specifications. The battery altitude chamber is available at amazing prices in the Indian market. However, the equipment varies in size & specifications as per the customizations of the customer due to different guidelines in different standards. The price hugely depends upon the size because the batteries vary from room-sized to needle-sized. Reach out to the finest supplier of the battery altitude test chamber to attain a genuine price. 

Identifying the verified battery altitude chamber is no more a hassle for manufacturers around the globe due to the specifications that are laid out on different trusted websites. The buyer can simply adhere to the specification & designated standard guidelines to make sure that the instrument is in compliance & verified. 

Do not wait any further and get your hands on the top-notch lab testing instrument right away and assess the quality & durability of batteries under certain atmospheres. 

To get your hands on a genuine battery altitude chamber, you can always look out for the most feature-offering and standard complied lab testing instrument. Make sure that the battery altitude test chamber is firmly insulated which ensures its genuineness and also boosts the confidence of the operator in achieving accuracy. 

Get your hands on the battery altitude chamber only from trusted suppliers. 

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