Cass Cum Salt Spray Test Chamber

It is highly valuable and important to measure the rust-proof abilities as well as the corrosive properties of a specimen before laying out the final product.

The Cass Cum Salt Spray Test Chamber is the ideal machinery designed for determining the ability of a specimen from different industries to withstand rusting as well as corrosion when exposed to the environment due to the various extreme climatic conditions.

This testing machine is designed ergonomically with precision to deliver accurate results for the betterment of the specimen and henceforth, customer satisfaction. The machinery can range from ambient atmospheres to up to 60 degrees Celsius. The machine also offers key features for the protection of the environment such as air purge that helps in settling down the fog in the chamber. The machine also comes with a 3-layered protection to prevent corrosion as well as leakage of the fog concentration.

Technical Specifications

  • HMI-based Touchscreen Model

  • Inbuilt temperature settings

  • Salt Spray Test mode enabled to set parameters according to test sample

  • Temperature setting and Preset Timer functions incorporated in HMI for accuracy and repeatability

  • Corrosion Resistant PT-100 sensor

  • Solid-state digital Programmable Temperature Controller

  • Program prole for selecting test parameters and performing the test.

  • Easy Data Management. Users can create PID settings, Air Saturator settings, test temperature, test and air

    purge time, etc.

  • Current test running status display

  • Robust Construction with Fiber reinforced body (Triple wall)

  • Ease of use of sample placements inside the test chamber

  • Pneumatically operated canopy**(only for 250 Ltr. Model)

  • Air purge after test for fog settlement.

  • Microprocessor-based inbuilt PID controller

  • Reservoir Tank in side sponge filter Available

  • Auto Tuning feature selection

  • Run time vs temperature graph

  • Data recording with temperature data reading

  • Data saved to USB device (Pen drive not in the part of the supply.)

  • Set values (SV) and present values (PV) displayed together.

  • User can control PID settings through Advanced Hysteresis setting

  • Angle of Canopy maintained to restrict the ow of droplets directly on the test sample.



7" TFT LCD color screen with HMI-based touchscreen

Chamber Temperature Range

Ambient to 60°C

Test Chamber Temperature Stability

49°C ± 2°C

Temperature Adjustment Resolution


Chamber Temperature Repeatability


Air Saturator Temperature Range

Ambient to 65°C

Air Saturator Temperature Resolution


Air Saturator Temperature Repeatability


Power Supply

220V, single phase, 50 Hz, drawing 15 A

Temperature Control

PID temperature controller

Elapsed Time Tracking

6-digit hour meter

Test Air Pressure Range

0.7Kg / cm2 to 1.7Kg / cm2

Air Pressure Adjustment

Air regulator, capable of handling 0 to 30 psi

  • Ethernet Connectivity- to connect with other devices using LAN and internet. Also to connect any computer or other electronic devices to its network as long as the device has an Ethernet adapter or network card.
  • Built-in VNC server that allows remote monitoring and operating of the HMI functions via VNC Client APP (Windows, iOS, Android).
  • Lock function: block remote operation during on-site operation to avoid unsynchronized commands, when the lock function is ON, the VNC server allows remote monitoring but not remote operation.
  • Web Monitoring which allows direct monitoring of registered data via web -page, and requires no additional software installation
  • Alarm Notification-automatically sends out alarm notification emails to logged-in recipients when alarms occur and supports the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to ensure safe data transmission.
  • 10 Pre-set Timers-timers will take care of your sample timings
  • Option to interchange HMI fonts between HINDI and ENGLISH. for the Operator's convenience to operate and access the database using the Hindi Language.
  • Air Saturator Water Level Low Alarm: Yes

  • Fog Collection Funnel: 1

  • Air Purge: Auto/Manual

  • Air Saturator Auto Refiling: Yes

  • Material: Fiber Glass

  • Over Temperature Alarm: Yes

  • Reservoir Float Valve: Yes

Compressed Air requirement: Approximately. 7 cfm (Air Compressor not part of supply) Main airline pressure regulator with filter in customer scope.

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