Humidity Test Chamber

Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber is an environmental simulation Test chamber that has Various applications to evaluate the product life of a specimen. This Environmental chamber is used to determine the changes or variations in product quality after successful completion of the test.

The greatest benefit of a Temperature and humidity test chamber is that it can simulate extreme weather conditions in positive and negative temperatures. The relative humidity of the chamber can also be adjusted as per the requirements of the user which helps in accelerated weathering tests.

As the chamber is programmable the user can set various cycles for testing which can consist of various combinations like (high & low-temperature operation & storage, temperature cycle, high temperature & high humidity along with low temperature & humidity including condensation test, etc.),

This test can run for multiple hours nonstop and is used to determine whether the adaptability and characteristics of the product itself have changed.

Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber conforms to various Test international standards like (IEC, JIS, ASTM, ISO, DIN).

This Environmental chamber is also known and Hot & Cold chamber with a humidity control system. The chamber is used to determine the change in the quality of products.

After completion of the test, the user can determine what aspects of product quality can be changed or updated to improve performance. Hence this chamber plays an important role in defining product life and is also known as the durability test.

Technical Specifications

  • There can be seen no frosting even if the test is conducted for a long duration under Low temperature and low humidity parameters.
    The chamber consists of an Automatic control system refrigerant which improves user experience.
  • Able to Set Cyclic Test Functions with user ease.
  • A timer would be provided up to 999 hours for auto cut-off
  • Safety features would be incorporated to ensure that the temperature does not rise beyond parameters set by the user
  • Touch screen HMI Display of parameters with data logging available.
  • Compact size with castor wheels to move the chamber in the laboratory
  • Thick Tempered glass to ensure zero leakages and maximum thermal insulation
  • Multiple samples can be placed inside the chamber with the help of Stainless steel Trays & Racks
  • Inside Material of Construction: Corrosion Resistant Stainless steel (SS) Material
  • Blower Fans to ensure 360 degree rotation of Temperature & Humidity
  • Branded Sensors to ensure the highest level of Accuracy and Precision
  • Japanese Technology Insulation material is made of polyurethane foam.
  • In-built Advanced Safety Control System
  • In-built LED light to ensure easy sample viewing


  • Auto-tuning feature imbibed in the Microprocessor-based display for accurate results
  • Run time vs temperature graphical representation.
  • Data recording with temperature data reading
  • Availability of USB & Pen Drive for external storage options
  • Adjustable PV & SV value *Optional
  • Knox system integrated for data security 
  • User settings can be locked by the admin panel and protected by a password
  • User can control PID settings through Advanced setting
  • In built Alarm system 
  • Interchangeable Languages- Hindi & English
  • Pass/Fail Report Criteria in System Generated Report
  • Viewable Fault History/ Past Reports
  • Email Notification Facility for user ease
  • Remote Monitoring facility for easy data management
  • In-built LED light Control System
  • Option available to set PV and SV value

Safety – TestGuardian

Environmental Test chamber equipped with multiple safety functions like:

  • Seven-point alarm function which consists of multiple alarms which provide the user with live notification of any faults in the Chamber.
    • Overshoot Temperature Alarm
    • Test Completion Alarm
    • Water Level Low indication
  • Remote Monitoring Alarm System: The user shall receive all notifications regarding any fluctuation in parameters or settings to ensure immediate rectifications.
  • Emergency Shutdown Mechanism: Manual/ Automatic Shutdown mechanism
  • Insulation: Insulating materials and coatings to prevent electrical contact and reduce the risk of electric shock.
  • SSR relay for enhanced safety function

Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

  TemperatureTemperature range-70℃~180℃(A - 0℃~180℃; B - 20℃~180℃;C - 40℃~180℃; D - 70℃~180℃)
Temperature fluctuation±0.5℃
  Cooling rate180.0℃~25.0℃ Cooling rate 2.0~3.0℃/min 25.0℃~-40.0℃ Cooling rate 1.0~2.0℃/min -40.0℃~-70.0℃ Cooling rate 0.7~1.5℃/min
Heating rate-70.0℃~180.0℃ Within 60 mins 3.0~5.0℃/min
Temperature uniformity±1.5℃ (-40.0℃~100.0℃)
±2.0℃ (100.1℃~180.0℃or-40.0℃~-70.0℃)
  HumidityHumidity range20.0%RH~98.0%RH
Humidity fluctuation±1.0% RH
Humidity uniformity±2.0%RH
  MaterialInternal materialSUS304 stainless steel(1.2mm)
External materialcold-rolled plate(1.2mm), powder coating
Heat insulationpoly urethane foam(100mm) +glass wool(10mm)
FanCentrifugal fan (Impeller Fan)
Refrigeration compressorhermetic compressor (Tecumseh)
Cooling modeair cooling or water cooling
RefrigerantR404A, R23, R508
Evaporatorfinned-tube exchanger
Heaternickel chrome strip heater
HumidifierSteam Humidifier
  SizeInterior size(mm) W*H*D500*600*500500*750*600800*850*6001000*1000*8001000*1000*10001200*1000*1250
Outer size(mm) W*H*D700*1670*1275700*1880*12901000*1950*14001200*2050*15901200*2050*17801400*2050*2030
Volume (L)150L225L408L800L1000L1500L
Weight (kg)380450620680840955
Working Temperature+5 ~ 35℃
Power supply220V AC 50/60Hz 31A220V AC 50/60Hz 33A380V AC 50/60Hz 17A380V AC 50/60Hz 25A380V AC 50/60Hz 27A380V AC 50/60Hz 50A


The humidity chamber is a high-class machinery system designed with extreme precision to determine the ability of various materials to withstand extreme climatic conditions as these materials will be exposed to environments in different parts of the world where they will face extreme highs & lows in temperature. To ensure the anti-corrosive abilities of the materials used in the construction of a product, manufacturers take up humidity chambers to evaluate the anti-rusting properties of materials.

The humidity chamber works on a simple mechanism of simulation. The instrument is constructed with different temperature modulations which allow it to simulate extreme environmental conditions around the specimen being tested. The humidity conditioning chamber then allows the operator to assess & evaluate the reactions of the material against such conditions. It is necessary to perform such a test in order to ensure that these products can provide longevity and durability against corrosion.

The price of the humidity testing machine in India differs as per the requirements of the customer. In other words, the lab testing instrument is available in variable sizes & with variable specifications which can be customized as the customer requires. The instrument is offered in different sizes to allow manufacturers from different industries to test even bigger products and ensure compliance with quality standards. However, the product range may vary from 5-50 lakhs which also depends upon the models that the customer requires. You can simply select the model as per the required size & specifications, and proceed further.

As necessary as it is to get your hands on the humidity chamber to check whether the material is fit for utilization in the production process, it is equally necessary to get your hands on the verified humidity chamber for accuracy-driven test results. The humidity chamber has certain specifications & features that are installed in the device in consideration of the designated standards. 

As a buyer of the instrument, you can always make sure that the equipment you are getting your hands on, carries all the necessary specifications and features which streamlines the testing process and enhances the accuracy at the same time. 

The humidity chamber is available at various manufacturers & suppliers of the lab testing instruments. However, to ensure the genuineness of the product, you must make sure that all guidelines of the designated standards are followed by the instrument being sold to you. Evaluating the specifications & features of the instrument is also important for the buyer as it satisfies the need for ergonomic testing. 

To get the maximum assurance, you can ask for a trial run of the instrument before getting your hands on the instrument as it allows the operator to build a sense of trust & assurance and at the same time get familiar with the working mechanism of the equipment. 

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