Battery Impact Test Chamber

Battery Impact Test Chamber is a destructive test chamber used to cause heavy impact on Batteries for testing. In this test chamber a battery pack/cell is heavily impacted with force.

During this test the battery is tested with the help of various weights which are impacted on the battery from Different Heights and impact areas. After a series of tests it is then observed whether or not the battery exploded.

This is a critical observation test which helps in determining and evaluating the strength which the battery can withstand.

Since there is a probability of a battery exploding under immense pressure it should be carefully noted that the chamber wall must be explosion proof and well insulated. Hence this 4 wall chamber consists of a robust leak proof body which helps in conducting the test without any compromise on safety

The Battery Impact test chamber complies with various international standards like

Test standards:

UL 1642UN 38.3


Technical Specifications

  • Usage of stainless steel material(1.2mm thickness) for constructing the inner chamber
  • The construction of insulation material with Japanese technology-equipped polyurethane foam.
  • An assurance of gas sealing
  • 4 layered Tempered glass, ensuring high-quality insulation
  • See-through window for battery observation at all times
  • Lead Proof Chamber with seal integrity to ensure 100% Protection.
  • Top-notch insulation in the chamber
  • HMI based Intuitive Touch screen interface with Programmable software.
  • Online Graphical Report Generation
  • Rapid Ethernet Connectivity for fast result transmission
  • Quick data transmission with USB Port Facility
  • In built Alarm Notification system with Auto Tuning Facility
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Protocol
  • Password protection facility
  • Interchangeable Languages – English & Hindi
  • Easy Set up of User Profile for Automated report generation
  • Programmable with Multiple Cyclic conditioning
  • Pass/Fail Report Criteria in System Generated Report
  • Viewable Fault History/ Past Reports
  • Email Notification Facility for user ease
  • Remote Monitoring facility for easy data Management
  • Knox system integrated for data security 
  • Monitoring of CO, H2, O2, and temperature in testing area atmosphere

Test chamber equipped with MP10 module which consists of multiple safety functions like:

  • Exhaust temperature over-heating protection- This safety Facility is able to monitor any overheating.
  • Enhanced Door Locking with Reinforced brackets are available outside the door of the machine to make sure safety and security in case of any unexpected explosion.
  • In built Power Indicator to provide live reading of Power
  • Seven-point alarm function which consists of multiple alarms which provide the user with live notification of any faults in the Chamber.
  • Explosion Proof Design: Ergonomic design ensures that the chamber is leak proof and Explosion proof in case of any uncertain events.
  • Remote Monitoring Alarm System: User shall receive all notifications regarding any fluctuation in parameters or settings to ensure immediate rectifications.
  • Emergency Shutdown Mechanism: Manual/ Automatic Shutdown mechanism
  • Insulation: Insulating materials and coatings to prevent electrical contact and reduce the risk of electric shock.
  • CO2 fire suppression system- In built Fire Extinguisher system with automation to prevent from damage.
  • Secure locking system as per Standard to ensure Zero Leakage
  • Micro Safe Gas Detection system
  • Smoke Monitoring Device for quick detection
ModelPT—BITC 100
StructureAll-in-one structure, the door uses explosion-proof lock and explosion-proof chain
Drop Ball Weight9.1kg±0.1kg
Dropping Height0~770mm (Adjustable)
Control ModePLC touch screen control+ remote control
Crossing Bar Diameter15.8 mm
Inner Cabinet DimensionW500 x D300 x H800mm
Effective Test SpaceW300 x D300 x H300mm
Internal Material1.0mm thickness SUS 304# Stainless steel (reinforced). Total 80mm thickness together with external chamber.
External Material1.5mm thickness cold-rolled plate
Air Vent Diameter150mm, at the top of chamber back
Observation Window390 x 360mm (20mm thick explosion-proof glass, install explosion-proof stainless steel mesh)
Lifting ModeElectric
Top / Bottom Impact SurfaceSteel plate
Test SpaceW300 x D400 x H200 mm
Overall DimensionsW940 x D780 x H1620 mm
Power SupplyAC 220V / 2.0KW
Data OutputTest data can be output by USB flash disk directly
Safety ProtectionExplosion-proof pressure relief device, smoke exhaust device, fire extinguishing system, electronic door lock system, safety stop switch
OptionsTemperature acquisition system, voltage acquisition system, video monitoring system

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