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Each PRESTO climatic chamber incorporates cutting-edge technology, facilitating precise emulation of biological, chemical, and physical environmental parameters. Our extensive product lineup, manufactured by industry-leading specialists, caters to diverse needs, across scientific and industrial domains.

From temperature and climatic chamber variants to material testing and drying chambers, alongside environmental simulation chambers, we offer the perfect solution for every conceivable application.


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The exceptional performance of PRESTO simulation chambers stems not only from our innovative, updated technologies but also from our top-notch service offerings. We provide essential services such as unit maintenance, calibration, and qualification, as well as prompt fulfillment of spare parts requests to customers globally.

Our customers have the flexibility to access these services individually or opt for a comprehensive and budget-friendly maintenance contract.

Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Needs: Presto Delivers Customized Excellence

While Presto offers an extensive range of products and equipment, certain customer needs may require tailored solutions beyond standard production devices. We’re proud to possess the capability to customize our offerings. Our design team is equipped to align the chamber as per your unique needs & requirements.

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With our rich experience of almost four decades, we bring a wealth of technical know-how, right at your doorstep! As pioneers in climate chambers for scientific and industrial labs, the value-added services we offer are unparalleled!

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